What is Retargeting? Why Is It So Awesome? And What is Sequential Retargeting?

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Maybe you’ve heard of a juicy, little tactic called retargeting. In this video, WebMechanix CEO and Co-Founder, Chris Mechanic, breaks down this concept. Discover…

  • What retargeting (also called remarketing) is.
  • Why most people already know what retargeting is even if they’re unaware.
  • Why it is the first tactic any client that comes to WebMechanix should try first.
  • Why it is the most profitable and highest ROI activity you can start, no matter your ad budget, small or extremely large.
  • Whether it is the right technique for you.
  • Why we recommend sequential retargeting as a more advanced tactic for anyone who is already set up and running basic retargeting.

Do you want to dive even deeper into retargeting? Check out this article on b2b retargeting best practices.


Hello everybody,

Chris Mechanic here, co-Founder, CEO of Webmechanix, happy to be here today.

I’ve got something awesome to share with you with regard to retargeting.

So over the last few years, I’ve probably looked at about a thousand different advertising accounts of all types, big advertisers, small advertisers, in the middle, and the number one thing that they all tell me, for the most part, is that they’re aware that retargeting is a huge opportunity that they’re not taking advantage of.

And so, the number one thing, like if you come to me and say, “Hey, I’ve got 1,000 bucks a month, or 5,000 bucks a month, or 10,000 bucks a month in ad spend, what should you do?”

I’ll say, my response to that will be, how much of that can we spend productively and responsively with retargeting?

‘Cause retargeting is the number one highest returning source of ads that there is.

And so, if you don’t know what retargeting is, you actually do, because you experience it all the time.

Imagine that you’re on Amazon or something, you’re looking at certain watches, or you’re looking at whatever it is on Southwest.com: plane tickets, and then, you don’t buy them right then and there, but then you see them subsequently, or you see ads for that very same thing that you were looking for subsequently, those are retargeting ads.

So, retargeting is an absolute no brainer.

It’s relatively easy to set up. You could go, right now, jump into AdWords and set it up yourself and you should and a lot of people do that but there are some tricks to the trade.

Because the thing with retargeting is if you’re selling something expensive or if you’re selling something that your users are very smart, such as, like in a B2B circumstance, if you’re selling like, for instance, health insurance or if you’re selling HR software or if you’re selling something, these users are very smart so they’re hip to this game.

They may not know the exact terminology of retargeting, but they know that, hey, certain websites, when they visit them, they’re likely to see ads. So the trick is to be not annoying. The last thing that you want to do is to annoy users.

So there’s a way that you can set up retargeting campaigns so that they are timed and sequential and choreographed. And so, that’s the trick to the trade.

The last thing you want is for users to be like, “Oh, I visited that website and now I’m being bombarded with their ads,” Nobody likes that, right? That’s gonna turn users off. What you want is to have users think, “Whoa, this must be a coincidence, like this is like the best thing that’s out.”

You want to be subtle and tasteful and to move into a, you know, to you want it to basically be, feel like a coincidence more so than an annoyance.

The last thing that you wanna do is annoy, especially if you’re selling expensive things to smart buyers. So there’s a way to do that, if you’re so inclined that you wanna do it yourself, it’s called custom combinations.

So search for “AdWords custom combination how to DIY.” Or if you look above or below or sideways on this video, you’ll probably see a link because we’ve put together a basic retargeting guide that you can use to at least get it set up.

So it’s one of those things where, you know, 80/20 rule applies. If you’re not doing any retargeting right now, then, get it set up, right?

And there’s a guide up, down, left, or right that will show you how to do that, but if you wanna be a master, if you wanna be a ninja, then it’s sequential retargeting, it’s choreographed, it’s timed, tasteful, and subtle retargeting. In a high ticket, B2B environment, your users are smart.

You don’t wanna annoy them. So look up, down, left or right and find the guide and download it and you can thank me later.

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