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#WinStoryWednesday: Delivering results one win at a time

When it comes to trusting an agency, results and testimonials speak the truth. Past and current clients will voice their experiences online, both good and bad—and it can make or break your reputation.

In this week of #WinStoryWednesdays, we discuss awards, perfect reviews, and rapidly climbing rankings.

Win #1: Development client wins Excel Gold Award

From WordPress website redesigns to UX and hosting, our development team’s always hard at work producing tangible results. And they were just informed that one of their clients won the Excel Gold Award. After receiving news of their award, the client proudly told WebMechanix that they “could not have done it without [us].”

This award recognizes excellence and leadership in association media, publishing, marketing, and communications. A group of judges selects a small handful of the hundreds of applicants to receive bronze, silver, and gold awards.

Win #2: 5-star Google review scored, and 10-star feedback received

Aubrey Mellos left a 5-star Google review praising the WebMechanix team and their work, noting that they always deliver and regularly produce innovative ideas.

google review screenshot

So far, we’ve consistently maintained our average of 5 stars out of 5, with 35 reviews—not an easy feat by any measure.

On a related note, we asked one of our largest clients how likely they are to recommend WebMechanix on a scale of 1 to 10. Our point of contact at the in-person meeting responded without hesitation. “Ten, definitely.”

We’re always looking to get honest feedback to improve our service for you (a potential client) and existing clients. At the end of the day, your input helps drive our success.

Win #3: Climbing the rankings in the DMV area

Currently, we’re doing incredibly well in rankings on, which is like Yelp for marketing agencies. It’s a transparent site that ranks agencies by reviews from existing or former clients. Clutch makes sure that clients give their honest opinions of an agency’s services by interviewing them on its own, essentially verifying client reviews before posting them online.

We currently have an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Clutch, with 13 client reviews. We’ve been climbing to the top of the charts on Clutch’s local reviews pages, such as Top Baltimore and Washington, D.C. agencies for categories including digital marketing, PHP development, inbound marketing, and PPC management.

Onwards to bigger and better wins!

The future holds great things for the WebMechanix team, and we’re excited to continue achieving more wins. Stay tuned for our next episode of #WinStoryWednesdays!

About the writer
Clare French
Clare French
Clare is Director of Marketing and has been a SaaS marketer for over a decade at a diverse array of software companies. She [finally] joined WebMechanix as a transplant from the client side, having hired the agency time and again. In her spare time, she goes to lots of concerts, seeks to make the world a better place and adores her darling dog, Sunshine.

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