The Problem

Matrax had a price quote form that appeared on every page of the website. Despite the form’s prevalence, few visitors were submitting the form — the conversion rate was less than 0.5%.

We hypothesized that updating the copy on the form to include terms like “customization” would increase its conversion rate. We suspected this because we found terms like “custom quotes” and “custom pricing” frequently appearing in the search queries logs from Matrax’s paid search campaigns we were managing. This seemed to indicate that many prospects in Matrax’s services required at least some level of customization to meet their specific project needs.

The Solution

We split tested two distinct copy elements on the price quote form:

Form Headline

Original: “Free Price Quote”
Variation: “Free Custom Price Quote”

Our form headline copy variation incorporated “custom” to better reflect the kind of language that prospects use when inquiring about Matrax’s services.

Button Text

Original: “Free Price Quote”
Variation: “Get Customized Pricing”

Our button text variation incorporated language that mirrored the form headline and provided more action-oriented direction to the user.

The Results

For Matrax, every deal represents a substantial piece of business so all leads have a high revenue potential. As such, increasing the conversion power of the website-wide form yielded substantial gains.

Our variation yielded a 355.50% improvement in the rate visitors submitted the form with 98% statistical confidence.

  • The original page ended with a Conversion Rate of 0.34%.
  • Our variation ended with a Conversion Rate of 1.57%.

Increasing the conversion rate of this form, in addition to other digital marketing efforts, has even generated enough leads that Matrax was required to hire a new sales team to accommodate all of the new business.

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