How We Boosted This SaaS’s Leads by 619% & Slashed CPA by 60%

WireWheel Case Study Front Cover


WireWheel delivers a cloud-based data privacy and protection platform and was looking for a way to acquire more customers online. Before WebMechanix stepped in, WireWheel didn’t have an online presence or digital marketing strategy. Fortunately, they turned to the right people—as a full-service agency, we took over all things digital marketing to set them on the right track.

  • Analytics & Measurement
  • Digital Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing

The Results

WebMechanix took the time to learn WireWheel’s business, maintaining frequent communication to understand the client’s concerns and goals. These efforts drove a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that blew past the established $120 CPL goal, all the way down to $48. We also reduced impression share lost to competitors to nearly zero.

WireWheel was so thrilled with our work that they ordered a website redesign. Now, our goal is to reduce the CPL even more while increasing the quality of the leads.