How a home services brand increased ROAS by 3.57X

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The Challenge

Home Alliance had built a strong foundation for their web marketing presence and had recently raised a new round of funding to scale the business. They were now ready to find a new digital marketing partner who could grow their Google Ads as a new, profitable acquisition channel.

Home Alliance tasked WebMechanix with growing the appliance repair division of their business through Google Ads. Due to Home Alliance’s business model of revenue sharing with its member contractors, the campaigns needed to be very efficient: 3X return on ad spend (ROAS) or better.

And one last exciting detail… to ensure that they found the right partner, Home Alliance was testing WebMechanix’s chops against 2 other competing agencies (no pressure, right? 😅)

The new landing pages dynamically change the headline to match the keyword we’re targeting.

Before After

The Process

The name of the game for Home Alliance was efficient growth. We needed to find the 20% of keywords and tactics that would produce 80%+ of the results. We did this in 3 distinct ways:

#1 – Strategic keyword targeting

We focused targeting on specific brands that brought in a higher ROI. Instead of generic terms like “appliance repair” which were more expensive, we focused on specific brands which higher repair costs and margins (e.g. “viking appliance repair”).

To find these, we went beyond the Google Ads platform and queried Home Alliance’s CRM to determine which brands had the highest deal value. Then, we created campaigns specifically targeting those high-value brands.

#2 – Campaign consolidation

Before WebMechanix, the account budget was spread thinly across many campaigns. This resulted in limited data sets per campaign. This made it difficult for Google’s algorithm to optimize towards what is actually working.

So by combining campaigns, we gave Google more data to work with so it could actually drive more qualified conversions at scale.

#3 – Landing page optimization

Previously, Home Alliance’s landing page had a mediocre conversion rate. Naturally, this stood out as a huge area of opportunity for increased efficiency.

Our design & development team created a dynamic landing page template for Home Alliance — one that changed the wording on the page depending on the keyword from which the visitor arrived.

This one change substantially increased landing page conversion rates.

The Results

With all the changes, their cost per conversion dropped by 54.34% from $609.59 to $294.08 for Sub Zero & 40.54% from $340.73 to $202.62 for Viking.

Return on ad spend – 3.57x
Cost per qualified call – decreased 18%

Long story short, we crushed their ROAS goal and proved that their campaigns could be profitable on paid search.

Thanks to our efforts, Home Alliance decided to double down on WebMechanix. They’re now tapping our team to expand their other lines of business and continue to drive efficient growth at scale.

The proof is in the numbers

Return on ad spend
Decrease cost per qualified call