Pinpoint – Customized Website Usability Reporting

Increase Conversions With Fast Website Changes

Pinpoint, our custom usability report, shows you how to make straightforward website changes that lead to more inquiries, higher conversion rates, and happier website visitors. Packed with confidentially collected behavioral website data, you can cut out the guesswork and improve your website with 100% confidence.


Observe Your Visitors’ Actions

Get unparalleled insight into visitors’ web visits with visitor session recording. You will see exactly how users interact with your website — what they like, what they don’t like, and what they hate.

Visitor session recordings provide your team with:

  • Unbiased visitor experiences
  • Eye-opening usability insights
  • Anonymized and securely stored data

Improve Page Layouts

Find out exactly where users are clicking, scrolling, and hovering with aggregated heatmaps. You will have an easily digestible report ready to support any proposed split-tests and design changes.

Heatmaps help you discover:

  • Where users are clicking on your site
  • If users read your content
  • How far users scroll down the page

Increase Form Completions

Identify forms contributing to abandonment* and optimize for a user-centric experience with form analytics*. Simplifying online forms and inquiry requests has never been so clear.

Form analytics shows you:

  • Which fields lead to form abandonment
  • Where users spend the most time
  • What order users complete the form fields

* Advanced form analytics and abandonment reporting is not 100% compatible with all website forms.

Collect Vital Feedback

Let users tell you about your website in their own words with exit intent surveys. You get to better understand what your audience thinks and how your site feels to them.

Exit intent surveys can be used for:

  • Ways to increase user engagement
  • Plans for reducing bounce rates
  • Ideas for smoother user experiences

Actionable, Confidential, & Shareable Reporting.

When you sign up for a Pinpoint Usability Report, we’ll deliver your team ready-to-implement website recommendations that lead to more engagement, higher conversion, and less abandonment – all through a secure online portal.


Tailored to your web team’s capabilities, our recommendations are easy to understand and quick to implement. No more generic advice that ends up being ignored!

Answers to Your
Proposed Questions

Simply tell us your website’s most important priorities and our recommendations will focus on those questions. This is your report and we want to keep it that way.

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Your report lives at a password-protected URL, making accessibility fast and easy no matter where you are. Open it, search it, and even print it, all from one convenient location.