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Today’s guest, Devang Sachdev, is the Vice President of Marketing at Snorkel AI. Devang started his career engineering hardware and managing products before transitioning and developing his expertise in strategic marketing planning, new product launches, and identifying emerging opportunities.

Devang shares how he uses generative AI models to conduct market research, keep a consistent tone throughout his messaging and content, and create content that wins snippets on Google.

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  1. Generative AI models are extremely effective when used to conduct market research and understand the positioning of competitors in a certain space. Start with basic questions about who are the main companies in a niche and then refine your prompts.
  2. To learn about competitors, you can ask tools like Open AI’s Chat GPT4 to go to a competitor’s website and break down their lead, differentiation, and positioning. Ask for the competitor’s shortcomings to uncover great opportunities.
  3. A great way to keep your messaging consistent and comprehensive enough is to perform the same test as above with your own website. This can show the impression that a new user of your website might get.
  4. By starting with a simple prompt, you can assess the quality of the AI model’s output to indicate whether it understands your industry or niche well enough. This builds the amount of trust and confidence that you can have in the answers it gives.
  5. Open AI’s new Chat GPT4 brings greater functionality than the existing Chat GPT 3 tool. The new model incorporates different structured data modalities and can handle information with spatial relationships.
  6. Capture the Google snippet by asking a generative AI tool to create FAQs and answers for them based on your product page. This is a great starting point for writing an SEO-optimized article that provides value and has a good chance of ranking well.
  7. If you use Chat GPT as an assistant to handle any proprietary or confidential information, it’s a good idea to use it through the API. If you just use the normal version, the AI will be trained on your data and it could show up for other users.

Quote of the Show:

  • “The more you start putting yourself in the mind of your prospect and start using Chat GPT as a way of inquiry, the better responses you’ll start getting, and the more readily available that content will be to use in long form or even short form pages” – Devang Sachdev


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