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Today’s guest has led sales teams for many international brands and is now helping SMEs get Enterprise clients.

Barry Moroney is the Founder & CEO at Leadable. Barry shares why so many marketers think they’re using ABM but aren’t, how to approach ABM based on contract sizes, and what a good ABM campaign looks like. 


  1. Platforms like Facebook and Google don’t want companies to create their own 1st-party data strategies, they would rather those companies be dependent upon them for crucial data. This means they can charge more and limit what marketers can do with data.
  2. Building out your 1st-party data strategy follows the same concept as growing and owning your email marketing list. However, the scope of your 1st-party data strategy goes far beyond an email list to include interests, demographics, psychographics, etc.
  3. You can use your 1st-party data to accurately build the same audiences across multiple platforms. Having in-house data allows you to reach the target audience, even when platforms make changes, such as the looming extinction of 3rd-party cookies.
  4. Start small when you begin collecting 1st-party data. You can use surveys to uncover customer interests and preferences. As the amount of data you compile grows, you may need a CDP (Customer Data Platform) or a data warehouse to manage your data.
  5. For example, for one product you may have multiple audiences that have unique needs and buying behaviors. By understanding those audiences and having the right data, you can create more meaningful segments and improve all of your campaigns.
  6. When you use multiple platforms for advertising in tandem, you can use your 1st-party data to create an omnichannel experience for your audience as they go from using one platform to another.
  7. One of the biggest ways to drive the efficiency of your ads is suppression. For example, you can use your 1st-party data to make sure that you aren’t paying to show an ad to someone who just made a purchase of that same product.

Quote of the Show:

  • “Most people genuinely believe that they are doing ABM in their outbound, but very few actually are” – Barry Moroney


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