The secrets of 4 performance marketing legends

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This is a special episode because we are featuring segments from 4 amazing, industry-leading performance marketers that were previously on the show!

You’ll hear cutting edge insights from Larry Kim, the Founder & VP Marketing at MobileMonkey, Jay Abraham of The Abraham Group, Dennis Yu, the CEO and Co-Founder of BlitzMetrics, and Eric Carlson, Co-Founder and CEO of SweatPants Agency. Get a pen and paper ready, because there are so many great ideas coming from these marketing thought leaders!

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  1. The #1 reason someone will click & buy from you is whether they’ve heard of you before — brand-aware cohorts are 3-5X more likely to engage with your ads, organic listings & emails.
  2. The algorithms have evolved to quantify traditional brand signals as measured by peoples’ propensity to trust, open, click & buy, then reward those signals.
  3. The best way to drive conversions is to never talk about yourself, instead, you should only have your clients and friends talk about you. This is how you build credit and establish authority through a 3rd party.
  4. If you want to sell to a certain customer base, look at who they respect and then interview those people. When the target group sees you and the person they respect together, they will come to respect and follow you as well.
  5. The most underutilized asset for most people is the realization that there are tons of other people, influencers, media, and indirection competitors that have already worked hard and spent a fortune to have a very tight relationship with the same audience you want.
  6. Think of marketing and sales in terms of conventional and unconventional thinking. Conventional thinking lowers your risk and involves looking at what other players in the industry are doing (how their websites are set up, how their ads look, etc.). Unconventional thinking is what actually gives you an alpha.


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