4 B2B SaaS CMOs share their marketing wisdom

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This episode is a little special because we are featuring segments from not one but 4 amazing, industry-leading CMOs that were on the 3-Minute Marketing Podcast!

You’ll hear amazing insights from Kipp Bodnar, HubSpot’s CMO, Udi Ledergor, Gong’s CMO, Grant Johnson, Emburse’s CMO, and Kevin Alansky, Jedox’s CMO. Buckle up for this blast from the past and get ready to learn!

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  1. The advent of Web3 opens so many avenues for the future of marketing. With technology like Ethereum, the offers that marketers will be able to provide prospects for things like completing demos can become incredibly enticing.
  2. Udi Ledergor’s 5 Tips for Marketing success are: 1) Strategy before tactics, 2) Don’t produce anything you wouldn’t want to consume, 3) Don’t wait for Inbound to come in, start outbound your first day on the job, 4) Never compromise on the people you hire, 5) Don’t obsess about measurement, do what’s best for the brand.
  3. While CMOs have a seat at the table, they often lack the influence that they need to do their jobs effectively and help the company grow. CMO should serve as advisors to the CEO and that only happens when they become Chief Growth Orchestrators.
  4. Breaking it down further, Chief means that you should have a considerable amount of influence. Growth relates to your use of multiple channels to drive business. An Orchestrator brings everything together, they run meetings and align strategic objectives.
  5. The first 90 days are so critical to succeeding in your role as a CMO! While the process of getting started can be hard, keep in mind that you are being closely monitored by the CEO, Board, and other executives. Consider this period to be an extended interview.
  6. When you’re just starting as a CMO, get close to the business and your team by scheduling regular one-on-ones. This will help you not only learn more about the business, but you’ll also build strong relationships with everyone on your team.
  7. Along with building trust with your team, you need to build trust and align objectives with the sales team. Make sure you are providing them with what they need and vice versa.


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