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Today’s guest helps the most prominent brands and celebrities make their content go viral through organic social media. The brands they have worked with include MTV, IKEA, and Vice Magazine. They have also worked with celebrities like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Adriana Lima on their digital strategy.

Brendan Kane is the Managing Partner of Hook Point and the author of One Million Followers and Hook Point: How to Stand out in a 3 Second World. Brendan reveals how you can increase your social traffic, tell better stories through your content, and what social media algorithms actually want from your content.


  1. There are over 200 billion messages sent daily through social media platforms. The only way your content won’t be swept immediately is if you understand how the algorithms work and create great content. 
  2. Social media algorithms are designed to increase user retention so users will remain on the platform longer and are served more ads. Algorithms are looking for content that can grab people’s attention and hold it for a period of time.
  3. Traditional content that is created with a specific message for a specific audience does not mesh with the social media algorithms of today, which means it will have decreased organic traffic. 
  4. The real key to growing organic traffic is to take a generalized approach to content creation that can make anyone interested in the subject matter while using the subtext to play to your core audience
  5. Two great examples of this approach to content creation are Graham Stephan and ClearValue Tax. Both cover “boring” topics that relate to their businesses but do so in the context of exploring larger topics that have some association with their expertise. 
  6. Great social media content relies on effective storytelling and all of the nuanced elements that requires, such as pacing, tonality, tension, and editing.
  7. One of the biggest elements of storytelling is building tension. Similar to the game, Jenga Theory is built around the fact that you know the end outcome, but not when or how it will happen. With each block that is removed, there is a build-up and release of tension.

Quote of the Show:

  • “You have to grab attention and hold attention for as long as possible in order to go viral” – Brendan Kane



  • ClearValue Tax – YouTube Channel
  • Graham Stephan – YouTube Channel
  • Alex Stemplewski – TikTok Creator

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