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The world is full of neatly crafted messages, fine-tuned for specific personas. But the reason so many marketers have trouble getting their message across is the vast amount of other noise they have to compete with. Today’s guest not only knows how to cut through that noise but is also a creative and tactical marketing leader.

Alex Kelly is the Director of Digital Marketing at Ceros and an expert in his craft. Alex shares why your message isn’t getting the traffic it deserves, how to improve your campaigns overall, and what your events need in order to stand out.

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  1. Your message is not the medium. While crafting your message is very important, marketers should also focus on making sure that message is being seen. 
  2. It’s crucial to make your message grab your target’s attention and part of that comes down to exploring new mediums to deliver your message.
  3. Part of the strategy to create an attention-grabbing campaign is to invest time into the design and visuals. This will make help break through the overcrowded noise that your target market deals with.
  4. Because so many marketers are following the same digital marketing playbook, your strategy itself has to stick out in order to reach the right people. 
  5. You need to involve designers early on in the process of crafting your strategy. Designers look at content in a very different way than marketers and to stick out, you need their perspective when planning out your next campaign.
  6. Intertwining your events and digital marketing content can create very immersive and interactive experiences that are great for delivering your message, ensuring your message is understood, and building your brand.
  7. If you are utilizing events heavily in your marketing, think about how you can design an experience at your booth that really sticks out. For example, what are the different ways that you can physically represent your message?

Quote of the Show:

  • “Your message does not mean a thing if nobody’s paying attention” – Alex Kelly



  • Abbey Schuyler – WebMechanix Creative Team Lead
  • Behind the Cloud by Carlye Adler
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni
  • Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind

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