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Your company could be using the 1st-party data it already has to uncover incredible insights into its customers and what they actually want.

Elise Berger is the Head of Performance and Direct Marketing at Earnest and a performance marketing badass that has led marketing efforts for other great companies like GE and Showtime. Elise shares how to make better use of your 1st-party data to drive your marketing, what resources are available to performance marketers regardless of their budget, and what lies at the core of performance marketing.


  1. Marketers need to use 1st party data for more than just reporting or attribution. By starting with the consumer, you can use that same 1st party data in your segmentation, analysis, and decision-making.
  2. In order to really learn and discover insights from your 1st-party data, you need to invest the time and money into your Customer Data Platform (CDP) infrastructure along with other data such as demographic and psychographic data.
  3. Using Dstillery is the first step on the roadmap towards your company implementing CDP and will provide you with not just who to target but also how to make your campaigns more effective.
  4. Dstillery is a pixel that you can put on any of the pages on your site that will enrich your analytics with qualitative data referring to the users affinity segments, their path to visit, their path to conversion, and demographic data.
  5. Performance marketing is so much more than getting cheap CPM on social media, it’s really about driving short terms sales and building a long term brand using data.
  6. As a marketer you need to understand people along with the industry you’re in and how it’s changing. In doing so, you end up having to take on the role of a psychologist, budget analyst, accountant, researcher, etc.
  7. The importance of research for marketers cannot be understated because the only way to know what’s coming next and how to adapt to it is to spend time researching.

Quote of the Show:

  • “Brands are not using their 1st-party data in any type of meaningful way” – Elise Berger



  • Dstillery –https://dstillery.com/
  • Digiday – Digital marketing publication
  • Emarketer – Marketing resource
  • Statista – Marketing resource
  • Noun Project – Icons
  • Pexels – Free Stock imagery

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