Next-Gen Marketing Tactics for SaaS Marketers on G2 with Robin Izsak-Tseng

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Today’s guest has over fifteen years of experience in marketing, with a focus on demand generation, account-based marketing, and digital marketing. She has built a strong reputation as a strategy and revenue-focused marketer through her work with really impressive companies across the tech world, including Oracle, 3M, Marketo, and Bettercloud.

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Robin Izsak-Tseng, G2’s VP of Revenue Marketing, discusses optimizing ad spend strategies for SaaS marketers, the benefits of early adoption of new ad formats, and the impact of a strong marketing operations team.


  1. Many software companies have products with amazing features that even paid clients are unaware of. One way for these companies to educate their users and buyers about the tools and capabilities of the product is to record explainer videos on what the feature is and how customers can use it to increase their results.
  2. A great way to reach an even larger segment of your user base and target market is to repurpose those helpful explainer videos into short-form content that can be distributed across YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok, etc.
  3. The maximum allowable duration of a YouTube short is 60 seconds, so even a six-minute video explaining part of your product can be easily turned into a dozen or more engaging clips that can garner an impressive reach, especially for B2B content.
  4. When any type of platform, such as G2, LinkedIn, or Google, releases a new format or a new way of doing something, you should try to be the first to try it. You shouldn’t make this experiment a crucial part of your permanent playbook, but by jumping on it quickly you can just reap the rewards of that early-stage arbitrage and take advantage of the preference that platforms usually give to early adopters.
  5. G2 has added a new ad format that allows brands to offer exclusive “Deals” to G2 users, provided there is a trial or “freemium” version of the software available. These “Deals” will show up on your product profile. This is a great way for companies in highly competitive markets to differentiate themselves and stick out to potential buyers.
  6. G2 is a great way to get reach in-market customers that are currently in a buying cycle and are actively comparing solutions. G2 integrates extremely well with other platforms and marketers can use the data from G2 to accurately inform the retargeting for ad campaigns running on LinkedIn and other ad platforms.
  7. Reviews on G2 rank highly in SERP results for search queries with high intent from buyers looking for different software tools. Because of this, it’s imperative that your company’s G2 profile is up to date.

Quote of the Show:

  • “One of the easy marketing moves that you can do on the Essential version of G2 that I think a lot of people don’t know about is you can offer a deal exclusively through G2.” – Robin Izsak-Tseng


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