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WebMechanix Wins 6 MUSE Award for 2020

WebMechanix recently won six MUSE 2020 awards. The MUSE Creative Awards is a competition that celebrates innovation, education, accessibility, inclusiveness, and forward-thinking ideas, selecting winners through a panel of over 130 international industry leaders. There are over 100 judged categories, including podcasts, direct mail campaigns, magazines, augmented reality, company branding, content marketing, and video animation. With over 15,000 submissions and over 50 countries participating, winning an award is both difficult and prestigious.

Recognized for its creativity and ingenuity, the WebMechanix team earned six awards, three gold and three silver. It won two gold trophies in the category of Website Redesign and another gold in the category of Brand Refresh.

WebMechanix received its first gold award for the website redesign of Knowledge To Practice, an on-demand learning platform for healthcare practitioners. The client’s original website didn’t meet the goals of their users—the content was thin, navigation was slightly confusing, and it was difficult for a physician to learn why they should use K2P’s software over current methods.

The WebMechanix team created a future-proof site that educates potential customers about the brand and helps them find what they need with ease. You can explore the new site at

WebMechanix secured its second gold award for its work with LogRhythm, a security intelligence company that was in dire need of a strong web presence that would clearly communicate its value to customers. As a leader in the space, LogRhythm had a wealth of technical information to offer—but the site obscured it behind a design that failed to address the needs of LogRhythm’s site visitors.

Through bright colors, soft shapes, and curved edges, LogRhythm’s new website design stands out in the often cold security ops industry. Beyond improving the site’s appearance, WebMechanix also refocused the site’s content to appeal to LogRhythm’s users, adding a customer callout module to create a more human-centric experience. The result is a clean, colorful, and friendly website.

WebMechanix earned its third gold award for its own website branding redesign. The agency’s design team refreshed the branding after having used a simple, outdated typography and color palette for many years. They interviewed company directors to get a fresh sense of WebMechanix’s personality and values. With these insights, they considered hundreds of fonts and color swatches before upgrading the typography, colors, and icons. The result is an open, inviting website that offers maximum readability and accessibility.

WebMechanix won an additional three silver awards for its work with Vena Nation, Vena Solutions, and a WebMechanix display ad campaign.

Justin Kalaskey, Associate Director of UX at WebMechanix, said, “I’m immensely proud of the caliber of work that this team has been putting out. Not only have these designs won in an international, juried competition, they also have been performing very well in marketing. For example, the K2P website redesign increased conversions by 258% in its first month! Bravo to this passionate and productive team; you earned these.”

About WebMechanix

WebMechanix is a growing marketing agency that provides clients with tangible business results and exceptional customer service. Its mission is to help companies move needles faster, more meaningfully, and sustainably than any comparable solution. Founded in 2009 by Chris Mechanic and Arsham Mirshah, the company sits in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. area.

Ready to learn about what WebMechanix can do for an online business? Check out the case studies.

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