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Everyone loves Loom screen recorder. Here’s why.

“That video was amazing, Mikala, thank you so much! That was extremely helpful while we’re all playing around with the ads manager. Much appreciated!”

This is just one of the many praises I’ve received after sharing a Loom video with my clients. Whether you’re looking to do a skills transfer, add context to a deliverable, or just send a general update, Loom videos are the way to go.

I never get that kind of praise for an email. In fact, I swear I can sometimes just hear crickets in my inbox…

But with Loom, I could get a “thank you” three or four times from just one video. And this doesn’t just go for clients, either. From coworkers to managers, everyone loves Loom. And here’s why.

What is Loom?

So, what is this magnificent thing that everyone’s raving about? Loom is an easy and free (yes, FREE) web screen recorder. You can record your camera and/or screen at the same time. It works on Mac, Windows, and more and can be used directly from your browser with the free Loom Chrome extension.

Here are some of the things I like most about the platform:

  1. It’s free. Loom pricing is simple—because there isn’t any. It’s totally free. Who doesn’t love that? They’re also adding premium features you can purchase in 2018.
  2. It’s easy to use. Click and go! That’s literally it.
  3. It’s intuitive. How many programs require a demo just to use them? With Loom, adoption takes no time.

Loom over every other tool

I was a big fan of screenshare videos before I had even heard of Loom. I would use tools like QuickTime to record videos, save them, upload them to Google Drive, wait for them to process, and get a link to share with whoever I wanted. It took a few tools to accomplish what I needed, but I saw the value because I was able to accomplish something with video that I couldn’t with anything else.

But then, I found Loom. After using Loom video one time, I realized this quick video recorder could be much more useful than what QuickTime had to offer. Like the time it took me to finalize a video using QuickTime before being able to send it… that was kind of a pain, though I didn’t mind too much. But even better, Loom copies a link of your video to your clipboard when ending the video recording! All you have to do is paste that link in the sharing platform of your choice. Easy, right?

Ever wonder if clients or co-workers are even watching the videos you spent the time recording? Loom also lets you know when the first person viewed your video. This is perfect for those one-off instructional videos you send to someone. If it’s been a week and there are no views, you can follow up.

Promoting knowledge share with Loom

We’re a digital company. As such, we love data, emerging technologies, and sharing the latest in both with our team. But we all know it takes time to set up a meeting, book a training, or get everyone to show up and pay attention. It just doesn’t always work out—and soon enough, time goes by, and you find that you never actually shared that cool lesson you learned.

With Loom video, you can record a screenshare quickly and easily, share a link, get notified when it’s watched, and allow viewers to give their feedback on the spot.

loom screen recorder emojis

Those emojis though… Yes, emojis! Users can click on an emoji at any point in the video to let you know when and how they liked it (or didn’t).

Adding context to deliverables

Loom also helps me expand on my presentations of deliverables for clients, giving them more context on whatever asset I’m sending. Using the process that our founder outlined in Forbes, I’m able to jump into Loom and clearly explain the thought process behind marketing strategy so that there are fewer questions, concerns, and anxiety-triggered requests for revisions. The visual aspect is both engaging and clear, helping reduce confusion on both ends.

More ways to love Loom

Starting this Fall, Loom will launch a desktop app. The day I switched from Slack on my browser to Slack on my desktop was a game changer. I imagine it will be the same for Loom.

The Loom Chrome extension makes the app easy to access, especially when I’m doing a recording in my browser. But there are a few cases when I need to record something outside my browser. Having a desktop app for Loom screen recorder will remove a step, making the process even easier.

I signed up for early access to the desktop app and was put on the waitlist … at number 19,713! Talk about high demand. If you haven’t noticed a trend in this piece yet, there are a few common buzzwords: easy, love, and free.

Now it’s your turn to love Loom! Visit useloom.com to learn more about this wonderful app, and send me your first video at [email protected]! I can’t wait to see what you do with it.

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