The Breakdown: New iOS 14 Update Will Impact Web Tracking
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The Breakdown: New iOS 14 Update Will Impact Web Tracking

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Danny LopezSenior Marketing Director, Paid Social

There’s been a lot of talk about Apple’s new iOS 14 update and how it will impact web tracking for digital advertising. Not sure what this means for you? Here’s the gist of it.

What it is: In this new iOS privacy update, if an app wants to track a user’s data, it’ll need to ask for permission first.

Apple said it’ll allow users to share their approximate locations instead of precise locations, which can impact accurate geo-targeting for advertising purposes.

How it impacts us: From what WebMechanix knows so far, apps should still be able to use cookies and sign-in data to track users, but data, such as device IDs coming from third-party apps, could become very limited (especially for free apps). The iOS 14 update will impact ad networks that use device ID tracking the most.

Only the last redirect before a download or re-download will trigger attribution. This specification means you may not be able to have configurable attribution settings, view-through attribution, inactive user reattribution, multi-touch attribution, retargeting, or exclusion targeting. This update may also impact the quality of lookalike audiences.

Bottom line: Don’t panic! But do keep an eye out for fluctuations in advertising performance among iOS devices once the new update rolls out in September 2020.

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