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Today’s guest is a marketing leader and creative idea-generator. They have a strong background in communications and brand development.

Jordan Sher is the Vice President of Corporate and Brand Marketing at Gainsight and an advisor to AudiencePlus.

Jordan broke down the benefits of earned media, the best practices for writing press releases, and what ChatGPT could mean for SEO.

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  1. Brand marketing and earned media can help performance marketing teams accelerate the pipeline to reach their goals, both tactically and strategically.
  2. From a tactical perspective, earned media is one of the biggest contributors to a website’s SEO. The quality of the links to your site plays a big role in SEO and earned media, such as a press release, that links back to the website can boost performance.
  3. When trying to raise your site’s SEO metrics, a press release is a great tool for building links and providing longtail results. Wire services are interconnected so issuing a release to one will result in increased organic awareness and multiple quality backlinks.
  4. During the deal cycle, your earned media strategy will amplify your brand and move a deal through the pipeline because it creates credibility which will stick with prospects as they do their due diligence on your company.
  5. Although their effectiveness has diminished slightly over time, press releases can still deliver better awareness and organic SEO results than specific content marketing.
  6. The best practices for writing a press release are to get specific about product news and benefits, include a quote from a large client, and encourage the client to share the release through their own channels.
  7. If your company has invested in building a community, engage the community members when you launch your earned media campaign and encourage them to share and interact with the content.

Quote of the Show:

  • “Most of your target audience do not take a linear path from awareness to close.” – Jordan Sher


Shout Outs: 

  • Will Reynolds
  • John Klosterman
  • The Nineties: A Book by John Klosterman
  • Oscar Wars by Michael Schulman
  • The Town with Matthew Belloni – Podcast focused on the media industry

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