How to operate without fear with Genefa Murphy

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Today’s guest has over 15 years of global experience across various domains from product to GTM to core marketing. Genefa Murphy is the CMO of Udemy and is a Limited Partner at Stage 2 Capital. Udemy is a global destination for online learning and is on a mission to improve lives through learning.

Genefa joins Host Chris Mechanic to share why marketers need to operate without fear and how marketers can do that to overcome imposter-syndrome. 

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Genefa also dives into the relationship between sales and marketing teams and why it’s so much more impactful for the business when they work as partners rather than competing against each other.


  • One of the secrets to success in marketing is to operate without fear. Fear often manifests itself as self-doubt or imposter syndrome. It’s important to confront these feelings, take ownership, be confident in your ability to contribute, and understand the value you bring to the table.
  • Create and reflect on your personal narrative or “highlight reel”. This involves acknowledging your accomplishments and learning from your mistakes. This reflection helps feed positive stimuli, counters feelings of fear or inadequacy, and encourages continuous learning and growth.
  • Sales and marketing are more effective when united as partners to accomplish a shared goal. They must work together rather than compete against each other. Both departments are parts of the company and the overall success of the business depends on their ability to collaborate.
  • Marketers need to step out of their ‘marketing shoes’ and experience other roles, like sales, customer success, etc., to gain different perspectives and better understand the complexities and challenges of those roles.
  • Experiment with different marketing channels to reach your target audience and hit your KPIs. This might include performance marketing for D2C businesses or adopting an ABM approach for B2B companies. Other channels might include community-building initiatives, events, content syndication, and social media.
  • With the big changes occurring in tech and how we use it, such as AI, continuous learning and upskilling are essential. There are many opportunities for both individuals and businesses to learn, upskill, reskill and stay up-to-date, so take advantage of them.

Quote of the Show:

  • “One of my biggest pieces of advice for marketers is go and do a job outside of marketing.” – Genefa Murphy



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