How to build high-performing landing pages.

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Hear from Director of Strategy at WebMechanix, Alex Swope, what running 1000s of LP tests across dozens of industries, has taught us about how to build exceptional high-performance landing ages. Also hear about our free, landing page mockup tool built on these conversion best practices that you can use to get your landing pages up and running quickly. Key moments in this video: The most important element of a high-performing landing page – 1:37 Don’t do this on your landing pages – 4:11 What our free landing page builder tool does for you – 08:58

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Most newsletters suck...

So while we technically have to call this a daily newsletter so people know what it is, it's anything but.

You won't find any 'industry standards' or 'guru best practices' here - only the real stuff that actually moves the needle.

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