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How marketers can accelerate sustainable brand growth

Achieving long-term sustainable growth for your brand is a delicate balancing act for any marketer. Even success has its challenges, as it can be difficult to maintain momentum without burning out. It’s easy to focus on speed when trying to grow, but even more important is a well-defined brand growth strategy.

So how do you drive brand growth? In this article, we’ll dive into how you can achieve sustainable brand growth as a marketing leader and coach your team to success.

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(Note: The insights for this article are courtesy of Niki Hall, CMO at Contentsquare. Check out our entire conversation with Niki on our 3-Minute Marketing podcast.)

Have a vision and strategy

“Speed of growth is super critical, but what you really need to have is a vision,” says Hall. “You need to have a vision with a strategy and a purpose. If you know what success looks like, then it’s pretty easy to get there. It’s my job to work with my team to figure out what are the business objectives, ensure our vision maps to those, and have a strategy to achieve that.”

Without a brand growth marketing strategy that accounts for the future, you risk your success being nothing more than a flash in the pan. If you’re a company that’s been lucky enough to experience explosive growth, you need to have a plan in place to get your brand to the next phase.

Have a sense of urgency

Rather than focusing only on speed (which is still important), focus on having a sense of urgency that matches your focus as a marketing organization.

“A sense of urgency with preciseness,” says Hall. “That’s what I’m always kind of mentoring and coaching my team on. We need to have a sense of urgency, we need to have a sense of purpose, and it needs to align to the vision.”

By having a sense of urgency and aligning your team with your goals, you’ll be able to avoid becoming reactive and keep everyone focused on what matters.

Guide your team towards success

“I’m a big believer in coaching for success,” says Hall, who has been utilizing tools like StrengthsFinder to assess her team and help them make a bigger impact. “I have a large global marketing team. We’re looking at the skills people have, because you need a 360 degree view.”

A sustainable brand growth strategy requires lots of different team players with unique sets of skills. Tools like StrengthsFinder can help you to better understand where your team is solid, where they can make their biggest impacts, and where you may need to fill in some gaps.

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