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Google’s New Keyword Tool Shows Mobile Search Volume!

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Chris MechanicCEO & Co-Founder

So I just started experimenting with Google’s new Keyword Tool rollout and the most interesting thing that I’ve found about it so far is the mobile search volume data.

(Sorry, the link above may not work — you can get to it though, by accessing their old keyword tool and then clicking on the upper-right call-out that says “Check Out The New Keyword Tool (Beta)”)

If you’ve been in web for any period of time, it’s basically impossible for you to NOT hear all the rage around mobile.

And for good reason.

Mobile is obviously booming in terms of usage.

Without even referencing at any empirical data, I can tell you that personally, (and you very likely agree here) I spend a ridiculous amount of time surfing on my mobile.

Whether I’m on Facebook or Twitter or whether I’m on the road and need directions, or whether I’m just bored – I’m basically on my phone for like, 3 hours/day.

And of course, I work in web, so I’m on my computer all the time, too.

But I can imagine if I DIDN’T work in web, I may NEVER search my regular computer.

Like, ever.

So Google’s new Keyword Tool that they’re rolling out has some other cool features, too. I don’t mean to discount them.

But IMO the mobile search volume feature is easily the coolest addition.

To get there, just click on “Advanced options” and then select the check box for “Mobile search“.

Re-run the search and you’ll get your mobile volume.

Happy research. I’m off to sell some mobile SEO!

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Chris Mechanic Team Photo
Chris Mechanic | CEO & Co-Founder
Chris is co-founder at WMX. He spends his days coming up with big ideas, writing long memos & mastering the 3 Ps – planning, pitching & podcasting.

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