What is a good click-through rate (CTR) for Google AdWords?
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What is a good click-through rate (CTR) for Google AdWords?

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A good Google AdWords click-through rate is 100%.

If your AdWords click-through rate (CTR) isn’t 100% or higher, something’s wrong.

If it’s 100% or better, you’re good. You’ve made it. Hang it up & go home.

Not quite at 100%? That’s okay, 90% CTRs will do.

Can’t hit that? Shame on you! Shoot for 75% click-throughs. Or even 50%.

Alright, fine… How about a 25% AdWords CTR, surely that’s achievable?… (slacker)

Haha, I’m JOKING!

This is a joke.

Don’t beat yourself up.

EXCEPT… for asking the wrong question.

Because asking what a good CTR is on AdWords or Facebook or GDN or whatever platform, is the WRONG question.

What does it matter? Aside from quality score implications?

Honestly we use “Scary” ad copy a lot of times … especially for high-ticket B2B / tech offers where most searchers are unqualified. So we’ll run copy like, “Best CTR software, only $15,000” … to repel tire-kickers & attract only the type of traffic we want (i.e. traffic that converts into real sales).

In cases like that, high click-through rates (CTRs) on AdWords are actually a sign of trouble (!)

Other times if we’re playing in higher-volume, lower-ticket markets, we might reduce max CPC & accept position point 2 – 5 & the generally lower AdWords CTRs that come along w/ it.

So there’s two sides to every coin.

But the point is — if you’re asking “What’s a good AdWords CTR?” you’re fundamentally asking the WRONG question. I’m sorry but it’s true.

There are much more important questions to ask.

So ask NOT.. “What is a good AdWords CTR?”

And instead ask, “What is my AdWords earnings per click?”

Then SUBTRACT your cost-per-click. And behold! Your gross earnings per click.

THAT’s the equation you want to study.

And this is what 95% of advertisers get confused.

Not sure how to measure this (or where to even start)? You probably need some help w/ analytics & attribution & conversion rate optimization. If you’re open to outside help, contact us here.

(Or just keep reading & trying to figure it out for yourself 😉

I will expand on this later. But for now… Ask NOT what a good AdWords CTR is & instead ask, “What am I earning per click?” (followed closely by what am I paying per click?)

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