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Facebook Algorithm Change in 2018 – Death of Advertising?

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Chris MechanicCEO & Co-Founder

Facebook just threw us marketers a pretty big curveball.

Or did they?

They announced that they will be heavily favoring posts from friends & family OVER posts from brands / publishers (i.e. ads) in their latest algorithm update.

But here’s the thing…

The most successful ad platforms (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter… you get the point) are just cleverly disguised as something people actually want need to use.

And if people start to feel like they are really just marketing targets, they will get fed up & leave in droves.

I learned this really early on before starting WebMechanix in 2009 & we enjoy great success year-over-year by following a dead simple mantra: stand for the user.

For example, if you put out good ads that are useful & target them thoughtfully, users will react positively. And it will work.

So don’t believe Facebook. Or at least don’t panic. Because they’re probably lie-xaggerating.

They said a very similar thing in 2016 & nothing much happened. And I highly doubt they’d do anything that will negatively impact ad revenues (such as showing fewer ads).

So don’t believe the hype.

Best advice: keep doing the stuff that works… Stuff that’s good for the user experience.

Good ads, good targeting, good measurement, smart testing & so on.

If you were feeling anxious about Facebook’s claims, hopefully I’ve eased your concerns.

As always, if you’re still feeling nervous (or just want to connect), drop us a line.

Until next time 🙂

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Chris Mechanic Team Photo
Chris Mechanic | CEO & Co-Founder
Chris is co-founder at WMX. He spends his days coming up with big ideas, writing long memos & mastering the 3 Ps – planning, pitching & podcasting.

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