The Definitive Guide to Crafting Effective Display Ads That Win the Click

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With the constant whir of activity emerging from our pockets and screens, everything is vying for our focus.

According to the book The Attention Merchants: How Our Time and Attention Are Gathered and Sold by Tim Wu, attention is a commodity, and advertisers are buying and selling attention every millisecond of every day across billions of places. Advertising has even made its way to outer space (Pizza Hut in the ISS, anyone?)! This massive influx of information has led to a phenomenon called banner blindness; you’ll learn how to fight it and win the click in this guide.

We’re going to explain how humans interpret ads psychologically, briefly taking a step back from the ad itself. Then, we’ll teach you how to capture visual attention with effective display ads. Next, we’ll show you eight copywriting tips and our testing process. And finally, we’ll go through some real examples.

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