2 – Are you TRAINING your people?

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SUBJECT: Managing, motivating, & growing digital marketers

Hi there, hope you’re well.

Sorry this took so long, but hopefully you’ll like it.

Please let me know what you think & as always, if you have any questions, just “Reply” to this & I’ll get back to you right away.


Just to recap…

In my last email, I formally invited you into my “Inner Circle”.

[See https://www.webmechanix.com/chris-boring-newsletter/welcome for a refresher…]

THEN… I declared my intention to keep my “tribe” (that’s you!) well-informed & to WRITE on digital marketing topics that may be useful for you.

Finally, I asked you what topics you wanted covered…

Surprisingly, there was a LOT of interest in the “people” side of digital marketing… Building/managing teams, and so on.

I know a thing or two about that, so I started writing…

And writing… And writing…

Before I knew it, it was a BOOK.

I decided in lieu of sending you a novel… I’d break it down into more digestible chunks & send short notes more frequently.

So that’s my new plan! Hope you like it 😉


This week, I want to ask you a really DUMB question…

But I’ll also ask that you DON’T brush it off too quick..

I want you to really think about it… I’m being serious.

And be HONEST with me & yourself because this is BEYOND important when it comes to building a world-class digital marketing team….

Here it is:

Are you TRAINING your people there?

I mean, like…. Are you REALLY f**k**’ training them?

(Be honest.)

We all know we’re supposed to train our people. And we all like to think that we do.

Ask any manager & you’ll get a quick, “Yea, of course” (often w/ a lil’ nervous chuckle).

But the more I dig the more I find that almost NOBODY actually runs what I’d consider organized, meaningful, consistent training.

Like literally, just about nobody. Even the big boys.

Handbooks, orientations, guest speakers, sending people to conferences here & there…

Those things are all well & good.

But it’s simply NOT enough to build a real world-class digital team, there. 

I think you already know this intuitively. Just THINK about it for a little bit.

I’ll be in touch w/ a follow-up soon, stay tuned.

I’m thinking we show you exactly how we TRAIN people internally here @ WebMechanix. Share you on some docs… Show you our “bootcamp” for new hires 😉

(HINT: it’s tough & rough & rigorous… But somewhat understanding / forgiving… With a little more than a little “culture” woven in. Almost all on purpose…)

But we’ll get into more detail next time we talk.

Much love for now there.

In your service,

-Chris M.

PS — this isn’t some huge “blast” to some random list. I’m sending this to you specifically b/c I thought you’d like it. But if you’d prefer not getting real-talk like this, LMK & I’ll personally remove you from the list immediately with no argument.

PPS – for my B2Bs: check this LinkedIn news feed ‘retargeting’ hack I found recently & posted about on LinkedIn … Went semi-viral… Then LinkedIn shut it down (more on this later) — but go read it for now & LMK what you think / share around if / when appropriate.

Thank you…. Out! 😉

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