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SUBJECT: Introducing WebMechanix Academy (tribe-only / beta)

Hi there,

A few months ago, I welcomed you to my tribe & promised to share my best stuff with you around training, managing & leading digital marketing teams.

I’m particularly passionate about the power of useful, consistent trainingbecause I’ve seen it work wonders in my own business & many others.

So I wanted to really over-deliver & give you something of unexpected value.

  • Something hyper-relevant & immediately actionable
  • Something you can share with your team as a benefit… That will elevate their skills, improve engagement & long-term employee retention
  • Something self-paced that tracks & assesses learner progress over time

Something that would make you say, “Wow!”

So it brings me great pleasure to introduce to you…. [drumrollllllllll]

WebMechanix Academy!

Inside, you’ll find NINE courses covering everything from digital basics to inbound marketing, SEO, social media advertising, web analytics, marketing automation, you name it…

There’s even some “soft skill” lessons covering things like people management, communicating with internal & external clients & more.

All in, it’s nearly FORTY hours of no-nonsense, battle-tested training.

Mind you, this is still technically in “beta” so please pardon any dust & let me know if you have technical issues or find bugs.

But this is the exact training we deliver to our apprentices & new recruits & it works wonders… Particularly w/ repitition / reinforcement (more on this later).

Click here to get started.

And share the link w/ your team because each person needs their own login…

The system tracks which lessons you’ve completed & which you still have to do. Plus, many of the lessons have quizzes where users can test their knowledge.

Oh & in case I forget to mention…

It’s FREE for the tribe (that’s you!)

Seriously. There’s no catch. Just consider it a token of my appreciation for being a loyal & engaged member of the tribe.

And if we ever launch it to the public (which we probably will at some point), I’ll be counting on you to advocate / evangelize / share the living heck out of it 😉

Fair deal?

So without further ado there…

Welcome to WebMechanix Academy.

I sincerely hope you find it relevant & valuable.

Very much looking forward to your feedback, ideas & questions. Just hit ‘Reply’ & type away. I’ll do my best to respond as promptly as possible.

In your service,

-Chris M.

PS — this isn’t some blast to a random list. You’re getting this because you’re in my tribe & I thought you’d find it valuable (what’s this “tribe” business all about?). But if you’d prefer not being in the tribe, just LMK & I’ll remove you.

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