Building an Experiment-Driven Culture with Dan Buczaczer

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Today’s guest embraces both the art and science aspects of marketing and solves problems by balancing his creativity with his entrepreneurial spirit.

He’s led marketing for startups, Fortune 500 companies, and global agencies across B2B, SaaS, and B2C. Our special guest Dan Buczaczer is the Chief Marketing Officer of MetaMap.

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Dan joins Host Chris Mechanic for an awesome conversation that explores how to build an experiment-driven culture, how to embrace needing to do more with less, and the power that well-crafted narratives have in telling great stories through a company’s marketing.


  • There are three key elements to building an experiment-driven culture: 1. You must test REGULARLY and CONTINUOUSLY; 2. Be STRUCTURED about your testing; 3. Make sure that all experiments build creating a broader, more cohesive strategy.
  • Companies usually have a lot of user data that is hardly analyzed and utilized. Leveraging this information can provide significant insights into customer behavior which can aid in experimentation and decision making.
  • Failed experiments are as valuable as successful ones, if not more. They provide insights into what doesn’t work which is equally important in marketing decision making.
  • For software companies, it is imperative to improve the customer experience by providing more self-service options and making comprehensive customer data more accessible to customers.
  • Using well-crafted narratives is key to creating powerful marketing. Effectively told stories can deepen customer relationships and enhance the branding of an organization.
  • While it’s easy to cringe upon hearing the common edict of “do more with less”, it’s better to embrace that idea as a challenge for you and your team. Particularly within startups, marketers need to capitalize on efficiency. This takes both a strategic and methodical approach to resource allocation.

Quote of the Show:

  • “I’m super passionate about blending art with science. It’s actually why I got into marketing in the first place; the idea that I could do both seemed too exciting to pass up.” – Dan Buczaczer



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Dan Buczaczer

Dan BuczaczerCMO, MetaMap

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