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Today’s guest is a seasoned marketing leader with over a decade of experience leading global organizations across the B2B SaaS landscape. Ali Fazal is the VP of Marketing at GRIN and a Member of the Forbes Business Development Council.

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Ali joins Host Chris Mechanic to discuss the importance of investing in a strong content engine as the foundation of your company’s marketing strategy.

They also dive into the place of AI in the toolbox of modern marketers, how to build awareness amongst latent stage buyers, and the evolving role of a website for B2B SaaS companies.


  1. A strong content engine is the bedrock of not only the marketing team but everyone in the organization involved with the go-to-market strategy. A strong base of content serves as a north star for the organization for how they speak about their products and category.
  2. The key to creating great content is to make sure that your content team is closely aligned with the business goals. Each piece of content that you develop needs to be done for a reason. Being purposeful with the content you develop is the key to success.
  3. When setting out to create content, it is critical to have a plan in place that corresponds with the overall strategy and is tied to specific goals. You don’t want the CEO to create a list of things they think would be cool and have the content team execute it.
  4. The business goal propelling your content should always center on solving your customers’ issues. Your content should be closely connected with business goals and geared towards solving a customer’s problem even if they aren’t currently in the buying cycle.
  5. It’s important for brands to be seen as leaders in their space. A key to becoming synonymous with your category is for brands to align their content and marketing objectives with the larger context of the industry’s needs and trends.
  6. While AI is a powerful tool, it can’t replace the inherent creativity and strategic thinking of humans. It can serve as a tool for efficiency and for getting the creative process started, but depending solely on AI for creative output won’t yield the best results.

Quote of the Show:

  • “People remember people who help them solve problems.” – Ali Fazal


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Ali Fazal

Ali FazalVP of Marketing, GRIN

Chris Mechanic

Chris MechanicCEO & Co-Founder

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