Master Class in B2B SaaS: Email Marketing the Effective Way

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Email. It’s an important (and cheap) part of B2B communication. In this guide for B2B software-as-a-service, we’ll show you exactly where to focus your efforts to sell more and worry less. And whether you’re already using HubSpot’s marketing automation platform, thinking of adopting the platform, or working with a completely different CRM, there’s plenty of great advice for you in this ebook. We’re going to explain absolutely, positively, everything involving email marketing for B2B SaaS companies so that you can make more money online with less work.

Prepare to learn:

  • Why email marketing is essential for the B2B SaaS industry
  • The anatomy of a brilliant email
  • The three essential email campaigns you must use
  • Examples of great and horrible emails sent out in this industry
  • The only email engagement metrics that really matter
  • How to segment your emails effectively
  • How to split-test effectively to improve response and sales pipeline
  • The top temptations you should avoid with email marketing in this industry
  • How to master email rendering
  • A glossary of important terminology

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