WebMechanix wins AVA Awards 2019
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WebMechanix earns Platinum and Gold at the AVA Digital Awards

WebMechanix recently won multiple AVA Digital Awards, an international competition that judges creative organizations on their work in digital communication. Recognized for its creativity and analytical prowess, the WebMechanix team earned four awards in the categories of web design, digital marketing, and social media.

AVA Digital Awards has 277 categories under the scope of digital communication and is open to all individuals and organizations involved in producing any project involving digital media for external or internal audiences. Judged work includes digital campaigns, audio and video production, social media content, website designs, and mobile marketing.

WebMechanix wins AVA Awards 2019

In the website homepage category, WebMechanix took home a platinum award for its work on Vena Nation’s website. Using bright colors, WebMechanix injected Vena Nation’s homepage with excitement and energy, all while providing the necessary information to potential conference registrants. WebMechanix also earned an honorable mention in website redesign for its work on the new HotDocs site.

Within web-based production, WebMechanix earned gold in social media for its LensPure carousel ad on Facebook. Striving to push the limits of the LensPure brand, WebMechanix created a breezy and tropical atmosphere that stops users mid-scroll.

With its passion for analytics, the WebMechanix team also earned gold in the web-calculator division within the web-based production category for its PPC metrics calculator. This free tool outlines how PPC metrics interact and affect each other to help marketers optimize their PPC campaigns and cost per click.

WebMechanix’s explorer display ad campaign earned platinum in the digital marketing category. With unlimited freedom on the project, WebMechanix’s creatives were able to utilize bold colors, vacation destinations, and some strategically placed llamas to help users feel like they were “getting away” for a moment.

“Winning these awards isn’t only a confirmation of our team’s skills, but it also shows that WebMechanix’s services stretch well beyond digital marketing,” said Justin Kalaskey, one of WebMechanix’s web designers. “Having an in-house creative team of this caliber is a big differentiator for us as an agency, and we can only get better from here.”

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Tony Kobel
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