AI for Marketing

ChatGPT, BARD and soon to be a slew of others have entered the chat (pun very much intended).

While we could drone on about how this will change the marketing landscape forever, we'd rather just share the ‘how'.

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AI for Marketing

[AI Prompt] Use ChatGPT to write unique, SEO approved content

The big ‘danger’ with using ChatGPT for SEO is the concern that it can be detected by AI detectors from Google & Bing.

While this prompt is no guarantee that it won’t be, it’s a good start that, if edited with the human hand, gets you pretty darn close to something 100% unique.

The goal here is to rewrite an AI-written piece into something that resembles a more human touch. Actual human editing is the only way to get here, but this will result in a piece of content more compelling, and certainly more unique than the original output.

AI inputs needed

  1. [INSERT CONTENT HERE] – This is the entire AI-written blog post generated by a previous or otherwise custom prompt. Paste the entire thing here, no edits, spaces, etc. All of it.

The prompt

I want you to respond in the English language. You are an expert copywriter who knows everything about SEO. You can write conversationally, you write in an active voice, you use transition words, you never plagiarize, you can pass AI detection tests for content, and you know how to rank in the first position in search engines. Rewrite the content below so it is 100% unique and remove any plagiarism. Rewrite the content below so it is under 1,000 words. The content to rewrite is this: