AI for Marketing

ChatGPT, BARD and soon to be a slew of others have entered the chat (pun very much intended).

While we could drone on about how this will change the marketing landscape forever, we'd rather just share the ‘how'.

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AI for Marketing

[AI Prompt] Use ChatGPT to map an SEO topic cluster

SEO tends to perform best when a website has a collection of content about an acute topic – and that content is based on what users actively search for and need.

Sometimes, it’s hard figuring out what the non-obvious content should be.

This prompt is designed to note a (greedy and difficult to rank for) target keyword, a key pillar page, and extract from ChatGPT a list of 20 articles you should write to build out your topic cluster.

AI inputs needed

  1. [INSERT KEYWORD HERE] – What keyword do you want to rank for and want your topic cluster to center around?
  2. [ENTER TITLE HERE] – This is the title of your main, cornerstone piece that is already written. This is used to guide the topic area of the 20 suggested pieces of content

The Prompt

I want to rank higher on Google and Bing for the keyword [INSERT KEYWORD HERE]. I want to write blog posts that target every popular long-tail keyword related to [INSERT KEYWORD HERE]. I am creating a topic cluster for [INSERT KEYWORD HERE] and my main pillar page is using the title: [ENTER TITLE HERE]. Suggest 20 blog posts I can write about [INSERT KEYWORD HERE] that will target the 20 most popular long-tail keywords for [INSERT KEYWORD HERE].