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ChatGPT, BARD and soon to be a slew of others have entered the chat (pun very much intended).

While we could drone on about how this will change the marketing landscape forever, we'd rather just share the ‘how'.

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AI for Marketing

[AI Prompt] Generate FAQ questions with ChatGPT

ChatGPT has expressed that Schema is one of the most important pieces of code it analyzes when serving up answers.

One of the most popular forms of Schema is FAQ content.

This prompt is designed to take a target keyword and topic, and identify 10 of the most popular FAQ questions that can be answered either:

  1. In an individual article with FAQ Schema
  2. In multiple articles

Not only with Schema and FAQs aid in your ability to be an answer from ChatGPT (BARD and others), but it’ll help good old fashioned SEO too.

AI inputs needed

  1. [INSERT KEYWORD] – Add in the main, primary target keyword for your blog content. This is based either on keyword research, or, if SEO is secondary, simply the main topic area of the piece.
  2. [INSERT BLOG ARTICLE DESCRIPTION HERE] – Note the cohesive topic you want the article to represent. 1 concise sentence is best here.

The prompt

I am trying to rank higher on search engines for my targeted keyword of [INSERT KEYWORD HERE]. I want to target the most popular long-tail keywords for the keyword [INSERT KEYWORD HERE]. Create a list of the 10 most popular questions that I can answer in my blog article where I [INSERT BLOG ARTICLE DESCRIPTION HERE]