7 Strategies To Get More From Your Ad Budget

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Learn How To 3X Your Returns On Digital Advertising

In this value-packed 35 minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The #1 most powerful channel to generate leads & revenue
  • The dirty little secret about Google / Bing (and how not to get cheated)
  • How smart social advertising can help you win at SEO
  • The one unconventional ad platform you’re probably not using (but should)
  • How a healthcare company generated a 367% return on ad spend in 90 days
  • …And more!

Who Should Watch
Any modern marketing executive will love this, but this session is particularly applicable to marketing directors, VPs and CMOs in the following industries: Software / SaaS, Technology, B2B & B2G Services & Consulting, and Healthcare.

Webinar Info:

11:00pm Eastern

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