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5 simple (but critical) rules for marketing success

If you’re a seasoned marketer, you’ve probably come across countless “playbooks” which promise marketing success if you follow them. You’ve heard the old adage about marketing being equal parts art and science and you’ve applied it to your work, but you still might not be seeing the results you want yet.

The truth is there’s no magic formula that guarantees successful digital marketing campaigns. The landscape is ever-changing and competition can be fierce. But if you follow these 5 timeless principles, you have a great chance of rising above the fray.

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(Note: These rules come courtesy of Jeanniey Walden, CMO and Head of Innovation at DailyPay. If you can’t get enough and need to hear more, you can listen to the full episode of our 3-Minute-Marketing podcast here.)

Rule #1: Be authentic

“Take an authentic approach”, says Walden. “When you’re working with a team and creating marketing programs, really try and understand what’s happening. Use words that everybody else knows and focus on being your authentic self.”

Brands that try to be something they aren’t always get caught. To sustain marketing success, you need to be who you are and not try to fit into anyone else’s mold.

Rule #2: Be inspirational 

“Everything that you’re doing should drive your consumer or your end-user, whoever is seeing your marketing materials, to want to aspire to something better,” says Walden. “ “If you’re showing them how to see how much money they’ve earned, the aspiration might be so they can work harder, make more money, or simply make enough to take the family out to dinner.”

Rule #3: Be relatable 

“You should always understand your audience segments and find a way to relate to them on a one-to-one level,” says Walden. “When we (Walden and WebMechanix CEO Chris Mechanic) first started this call, we talked about where we both were and how cold it was. Now we have something to relate to. So if I speak to you about, ‘I’d love to talk to you more but my window’s freezing’, you would actually get it.”

Potential buyers will always be attracted to brands that make them feel comfortable and understood. It’s important that you come across as relatable and approachable.

Rule #4: Know your data

“There is magic in data that you have, and if you can follow the data you can most likely understand and uncover hidden gems that will make you more successful in your role,” says Walden.

Data is arguably the gateway to marketing success. It’s the key to understanding your customer base and making it as easy as possible for them to find you and become paying customers. A successful digital marketing strategy focuses on utilizing any and all relevant data to your advantage.

Rule #5: Be nice

“People don’t necessarily realize the impact that they have on others (co-workers and customers) when they’re working or the impact that your marketing messages have on others when you put it out to market,” says Walden.

You never know how your words will impact someone. Something as simple as telling a coworker they’re doing a great job could be all they need to begin to excel at their job.

Want more tips for marketing success?

We get it, marketing is hard. As experts in the field, we know that better than anyone. Check out all the episodes of our 3-Minute-Marketing podcast for more actionable tips just like this. And don’t hesitate to contact our team the next time your digital marketing efforts need a boost.

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