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3 ways to become one of the world’s fastest growing SaaS companies

Carving out space for yourself in the SaaS marketplace can be a challenge. Growth isn’t easy, especially in such a competitive and crowded landscape.

So how do you take a SaaS company from the ground floor and turn it into a powerhouse?

Guillaume Moubeche has some hard-won answers. He’s the Founder and CEO of Lemlist, a sales automation platform which has grown into a $10M ARR SaaS company since its founding in 2017.

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Here are the three growth hacks Guillaume used to turn Lemlist into one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the industry.

#1: Be willing to eat your own dog food

“We actually use our products in order to do sales prospecting ourselves,” says Moubeche. “Back in the day I had a lead generation agency. So I was running a lot of campaigns for people before actually building Lemlist. I knew what I wanted to build and I think it’s really great when you can be your own customer.”

In order to build and grow your SaaS company at the same time, you have to be using it yourself. Are you putting out a product that you would want to use everyday? “I was using my product, documenting everything, acquiring customers, and sharing the results with them,” says Moubeche.

#2: Build your community

If your goal is to build one of the largest SaaS companies in the world, you need to have the strength of a community behind you. Allow your customers to be part of the product and the journey.

“A very specific example is we used our community to actually build something within the product,” says Moubeche. “A common pain point that people had was deliverability, meaning whether or not their email will end up in the inbox. What we realized is that our community wanted to message manually with each other to boost deliverability.”

Lemlist used their community to build something unique to their product that none of their competitors could offer.

#3: Build personal brands at scale

“At first I was the only one documenting everything as CEO,” says Moubeche. “But as we grew I was 100% convinced that building a business is really about relationships.

“And to build relationships you need people to trust you and also perceive you as someone who can bring value. For that, documenting everything on LinkedIn, Twitter, or any of your social networks is actually really useful.”
Using social platforms like LinkedIn allows you to build an audience that will actually know you (and maybe even like and trust you) when you reach out to them.

“Each person in each department at Lemlist is building their personal brand on a specific topic that will intimately interest our audience,” says Moubeche.

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