The Problem

The website for North American Trade Schools covered a variety of topics for visitors in all stages of the decision-making process. However, there were several key pages that weren’t attracting as many prospective students as the client had hoped—their two most popular program course pages and a page with general job placement information.

Another issue faced by the school was the originality of the content on the website. The website’s content covered many topics prospects would consider, but did not contain enough unique information about the school to be considered for a top result in Google searches.

The Solution

To improve traffic to key program pages, our team identified less competitive, long-tail phrases that had both substantial search volume and clear commercial intent. We optimized the pages for these new keywords by weaving them into the copy, including them in the metadata, and adding related internal links.

To address the lack of content depth, we re-wrote any of the pages. This allowed us to expand the scope of the information, add frequently asked questions, include testimonials, and place a clear call-to-action alongside the school’s key differentiators. Each page was brought up to 400+ words and positioned to eventually have child pages for more specific information.

The Results

The changes made by our SEO audit yielded very positive results for the key pages. Heading into the final quarter of 2012, organic visitors increased 66.99%! That number remained strong year over year and traffic was up another 30.33% the following year!

Our refined keyword selection and article depth also substantially benefited the website’s goal conversion rate. Visitors landing on those key pages were now more than twice as likely to fill out an application after our edits—application completion rate had jumped by 106.50%!

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