North American Trade Schools

The website for North American Trade Schools covered a variety of topics for visitors in all stages of the decision-making process. However, several key pages weren’t attracting as many prospective students as our client had hoped. Another issue faced by the school related to the originality of the content on the website. The website’s content was relevant to prospective students but did not contain enough unique information about the school to be highly ranked on Google.

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The Reuslts

We overhauled the SEO strategy and immediately saw an impact on the site’s relevance for high-value search queries. Organic sessions more than quadrupled—up 470%—from the previous 30-day period. The change was dramatic, but it didn’t end there. New visits skyrocketed 583% and our client was able to funnel over $177,000 away from other costly marketing channels.

“We’ve worked with WebMechanix for several years and it’s always been a great experience. They stay focused on results and deliver, time and time again. They’re a wonderful group of progressive thinkers and are constantly bringing new stuff to the table.” Jim Catheline, Director, Admissions