The Problem

New Castle School of Trades had always spent the vast majority of marketing dollars on more traditional media — namely television — but they found costs rising quickly and returns drying up. They needed another spark to support an expanded sales team and make up for less efficient media investments.

Their website also lacked upper-funnel content that would attract individuals in the awareness and consideration stages. They had a lot of lower-funnel information for incoming and existing students, but prospective student’s search queries would not trigger any of the school’s existing webpages in search results.

The Solution

Our team’s number one recommendation was to optimize existing pages for relevant keywords that were being used by prospective students. This is a critical step in our signature SEO Backbone process, which also includes taking performance baselines, developing a “Keyword Universe”, and developing a comprehensive set of website recommendations.

Next, our team identified the website’s biggest content gaps for potentially profitable upper-funnel search terms student prospects may be using. From this, we created a publishing schedule with help from the client and began creating new content targeting these gaps. Along with these new pieces of upper-funnel content were new conversion mechanisms specifically targeting prospective students.

The Results

The website saw a major influx of new visitors following the implementation of the SEO Backbone. Search engine visits jumped by 790.70% in the 30 day period after implementation!

Our targeted content creation and conversion optimization activities had a very positive impact on the website’s online application submissions — submissions went up by 98.90% with 724 in total. Of those 724 applications, 586 were from organic traffic. That’s an increase of 225.56% from the previous year!

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