The Problem

A private university wanted to bring in a brand new digital agency that could help them spend smarter on their existing paid advertising channels. So, they contacted us.

Working closely together with the college’s marketing team, we set out to thoroughly analyze the user journeys of highly qualified website visitors. Through these efforts, we discovered one of their two distinct segments of visitors was being completely neglected by previous paid advertising campaigns.

The Solution

Realizing that only students and not parents were being specifically targeted, our teams set out to craft a full-funnel, content-driven advertising strategy for both audiences.

Effectively Using Demographic Reporting

We analyzed demographic insights in both Google Analytics and Facebook to gain a clearer picture of who was actually visiting the college’s website.

Using demographic information, we were able to create extremely targeted paid ads that spoke directly to both parents and prospective students. And through carefully targeted ad campaign segmentation, our ads were able to speak directly to each demographic and highlight the issues that mattered to each group of users for a more meaningful digital experience.

The Results

Using targeted ads aimed at both parents and students we were able to increase online inquiries, schedule more on-campus visits, and generate more applicants.

In about 6 months, we were able to increase online inquiries by 448.9% and schedule 211% more on-campus visits year-over-year. We were able to achieve these outcomes, while still keeping within the college’s existing marketing budget and advertising channels.

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