Gentiva Health

Gentiva Health Services approached WebMechanix about improving performance on a paid search campaign that was producing a 1:1 return on investment (ROI). With higher ROI in mind, our team set out to make swift, impactful changes to Gentiva’s paid efforts across major ad networks. We quickly went to work building a series of impactful campaign changes that reaped significant benefits.

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The Results

Gentiva’s initial approach to paid search lacked targeting, focus, and tracking which are essential ingredients for high-performance campaigns. Our optimizations, both onsite and through paid search, led to positive changes to our client’s bottom line. By optimizing thoughtfully in key areas, lead volume is consistent, allocated budgets are spending as intended, and ROI continues to climb.

“We’ve seen incredible results just in the two years that we’ve been with WebMechanix.” Becca P., Enterprise Marketing Manager