The Problem

Gentiva Health Services wanted to improve the performance of a nationwide paid search campaign that produced 1:1 ROI. The campaigns were running on Google AdWords and the Bing Ads Network. Gentiva approached our team to get help making swift, high-impact changes that would cut back on wasted spend and lead to higher ROI.

The Solution

Our team pinpointed 3 areas of concern with Gentiva’s PPC accounts:

  • Keyword targeting lacked coherent themes and was wasting ad spend
  • Landing pages failed to meet visitor expectations
  • Conversion tracking improperly implemented and misrepresenting outcomes

Given what we discovered, our team rebuilt Gentiva’s Google and Bing PPC accounts with 2 goals in mind:

  1. Reduce unqualified interest by using high-intent search terms and limiting use of broad match keywords
  2. Improve the rate visitors convert into leads by optimizing landing pages based on heatmap data

Additionally, we implemented comprehensive tracking to monitor online interactions as well as offline interactions, such as phone calls. This provided us a much clearer picture for campaign performance and allowed us to identify the biggest areas of opportunity for the project.

The Results

Gentiva has achieved and maintained a 3:1 ROI from their pay-per-click campaigns on Google and Bing. Our paid search optimizations provided the targeting, focus, and tracking that are needed for high-performing campaigns.

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