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Example of why you need a responsive website

Do You Need A Responsive Website?

The web is changing. Visitors are using dozens of new devices to access your site and each device is displaying a slightly different version. Some versions of your site are better than others. Search engines are aware of this issue.… [Full Article]

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gTLD Information

What to Buy During The Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) Bum Rush

New generic top level domains (gTLDs) are being auctioned off. This means the days of “.com” dominance may be coming to an end. Soon, we may be visiting URLs like www.smirnoff.vodka or www.baltimore.attorney. Let’s run through some basic questions about… [Full Article]

January 27, 2014    2 Comments

Chris Mechanic Mid Atlantic Marketing Summit

22 Unfair Inbound Marketing Strategies to Boost Conversions in 2014

Chris:              How you doing, how you doing. My name is Chris Mechanic. I’m co-founder at an inbound marketing agency called WebMechanix. Our claim to fame is delivering what we call “Snowballing ROI”, which is ROI that just continues to get… [Full Article]

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Choosing the best internet marketing agency

8 Considerations Before You Hire an Inbound Marketing Company

How to hire the best inbound digital marketing company… Interesting topic. The whole concept of demand generation services can be foreign to a lot of people. An example of the benefits getting lost in translation is demonstrated in the situation below.… [Full Article]

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Reality of what happened if you were penalized by penguin or panda search engine updates

Retreading An Exciting Year – Part Two: Major Algorithm Updates

Like most other years, there were some seismic search and social algorithm updates that took place. So, which ones do we feel made the biggest impact? This is part two of our year-end wrap-up. If you want to read part… [Full Article]

January 6, 2014    No Comments