Data! Big data! All this data…

Google Analytics Chart Growth

Everyone loves data, but few use that data to make decisions. Sometimes the data is missing… other times, the power to make the decision is missing.

If you have Google Analytics, you can use the data to come up with insightful & actionable ideas… and recommend that decision later :)

Here is a quick example of how WebMechanix used web analytics to make an actionable, data driven recommendation that added to the client’s bottom line.  (#SnowballingROI)

Start With Collecting The Data

Our client sponsored an email newsletter giving them the leader board banner spot at the top of the email.

The banner’s link was “UTM-tagged”.  This means we intentionally set the Google Analytics “Traffic Source” data. The link looked like this:

Google Analytics Custom Report

How’d that look in Google Analytics?

Source: Internet Retailer
Medium: Advertising
Campaign: banner ad

Daily emails were sent for a week, all with our client’s banner proudly owning “the fold”.

All the while, the data was collecting.

Now, Interpret That Data

When you think data driven decision making, you might think “reports, reports, show me reports” — I’d like to challenge that… don’t report… analyze!
(with the reports to back it up)

Anyone can “report”, the value comes when the data is used (analyzed) to make decisions.

HOW?, You might ask… Google Analytics custom report, of course!

The image above shows a custom report with a dimension of traffic source/medium combo and it’s respective visits, unique visits, goal conversion rate, and goal completions. Notice the conversion rate for “Internet Retailer / Advertising”.

WOW!, 40% conversion rate compared to a site average of 4.5%?! <– That’s amazing.

PS: We have the client’s web forms integrated to SalesForce… guess what: these leads ended up being very high quality as well. Go figure!

This Decision Is Easy…

Data Driven Decision ROISponsor more industry related email newsletters!

And that’s what we did.

The image to the left shows another email newsletter sponsorship with ROI Magazine.

Similarly awesome numbers!

The data doesn’t lie… we’ll be finding more online publications to sponsor.

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