Omnitracs is a leading supplier of time- and distance- tracking hardware in a far-reaching industry of fleet management, a field with over 3.5 million drivers in the United States. How does a business get results in such a competitive online market? WebMechanix helped Omnitracs explode its number of leads, reduce costs, and sell more high-ticket products. You’ll discover how.

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Services Used

The Results

WebMechanix successfully tapped into a new network that saw the following period-over-period results:

  • 61% increase in display conversions (+84).
  • 39% drop in cost per lead.
  • 46% increase in conversion rate.

Omnitracs discovered that two of those leads turned into opportunities. The info received from sales follow up will help refine targeting in the future to exclude irrelevant websites and prospects.

“WebMechanix was always prepared to answer questions I had and their responses were always timely. They were always proactively providing new ideas/recommendations, rather than waiting for me to come to them. I couldn’t ask for more from an agency partner.” Adam Uthe, Senior Digital Marketing Specialist