North American Trade Schools

Once upon a time, the North American Trade Schools marketing team excelled at driving enrollment through offline advertising. As an increasing number of prospective students turned to the web, however, they needed to strengthen their digital presence. Their team created a website that combined materials from their course catalog and visitor brochures. While better than nothing, the site failed to amplify recruiting. It was time for a change, so they called WebMechanix.

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The Results

The bedrock of our process is the belief that optimizing for search and conversion should make an immediate impact in the short-term and deliver sustained growth over the long haul. Our strategy captures more of the right prospective students for our client. We smoothed the user experience by providing a clear path to the information they expect, delivering a dramatic increase in online applications.

“We’ve worked with WebMechanix for several years and it’s always been a great experience. They stay focused on results and deliver, time and time again. They’re a wonderful group of progressive thinkers and are constantly bringing new stuff to the table.” Jim Catheline, Director, Admissions