The Problem

Velaro was struggling to get in front of the right audience with their paid advertising. Google AdWords was a great start for them, but they were seeing their budget get consumed by unqualified prospects.

The Solution

To achieve more quality clicks and interest, our team focused its attention on paid media placement. They used Display Planner and social media monitoring tools to identify third-party websites with niche audiences that matched Velaro’s ideal customer profile.

Once our team knew which websites to effectively target, the next step was to build content that would attract clicks from relevant prospects and generate more conversions. Part of the content created for the targeted paid media campaign included custom landing pages for each website and offering. This allowed us to personalize the message on each site and more-effectively track ROI.

Getting in front of the right people was only part of the challenge. We had to create a message that spoke to those people to get them to convert. Based on what was discovered, we created whitepaper content that spoke to company decision-maker’s concepts of using live chat software to increase conversion rates.

Our ultimate goal was to get eCommerce decision-makers to try Velaro’s software. The most prominent call-to-action was to sign up for a free trial of their live-chat software. Our team also devised other conversion mechanisms to ensure that our targeted campaigns would scoop up other interested parties in our net.

We also offered informational whitepaper downloads which then led to a targeted email campaign. We also added a one-time discount for individuals that demonstrated strong interest by clicking through the placements and downloading other content.

The Result

One particular type of paid media placements used during the testing period made a tremendous splash. Satisfied, we then selected three websites and launched the full force of the campaign.

Though we only received 0.5% click through rate on the placements, an average of 25% of those clicks turned into leads! That’s what we’d call a success.

With a 401.06% increase in paid media conversions and a 47.54% decrease in cost per lead, our team’s efforts proved to be a huge success. At the end of the day, the biggest result that came from this was one very happy client!

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