The Problem

The American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography is one of the premier credentialing agencies for sonography and ultrasound professionals. To receive their credentials, a professional needs to meet the application criteria and ultimately sit for an exam.

Health and medical professionals don’t take the word “exam” lightly. These experts built careers off of excelling at testing and exams. They are exceptional learners and students. Because of this, practice exams for ARDMS credentials are in high demand. In fact, ARDMS observed that their audience often takes a practice exam before they even apply to sit for the full exam. They want to know exactly what they are committing themselves to.

In helping our client grow their business, the key question became: How can we get more of our audience to take practice exams since those that do almost always go on to apply for the actual exam?

The Results

The first full calendar year after our tactics were leveraged, we saw a 24% conversion rate, with some months converting as high as 33% (accounting for seasonality within the industry).

The offer received 1,833 clicks and 438 additional practice exam requests. Since many of the professionals who take practice tests go on to sit for the full, paid exam, the campaign is worth its digital weight in gold.

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