Our client, a B2B SaaS live chat solution, was growing steadily but needed to level-up quickly. The company's leadership knew the value of a cohesive digital marketing strategy. The thing was, their online presence lacked clout, and they knew it. Digital advertising was not producing quality leads. Their website was not attracting the right traffic, either. So they called WebMechanix to help grow profitability.

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The Results

After implementing best-in-class, closed-loop reporting from Google Analytics to Salesforce, we identified exactly where the peaks and valleys were in the digital strategy. By cutting out keywords that were underperforming and focusing organic and paid efforts on high intent terms, we realized a 77% decrease in cost-per-lead (from $130 to just $30) and a conversion rate increase of 35% in live chat engagement on-site.

Jeff Mason “I just got a call asking for a reference for you guys. I told [them] you were the best SEO/SEM team I've worked with over my 20 year career.” Jeff Mason, VP Marketing