Our client, a Maryland-based provider of hosted live chat software, was growing thanks to their high-quality product. But growth wasn’t even close to where it needed to be and they knew it.

Velaro knew online advertising could be profitable. The leadership also knew the leverage that comes from following a cohesive, multi-channel marketing strategy.

So they engaged us to figure out what the heck was going on and how they could actually get a decent return from all this money they were throwing at their website.

The problem

A quick glance into our client’s analytics revealed some glaring issues.

First, we noticed their Google Adwords was wasting thousands on irrelevant clicks. Further analysis showed us that organic traffic wasn’t growing much at all, and the website’s demo conversion rates left something to be desired.

Needless to say, we had plenty of work to do here.

The solution

So many different things to fix… it was time to roll up our sleeves and do some dirty work to get our client’s account in shape.

Trimming the PPC fat

First things first, let’s stop the bleeding. WebMechanix jumped into the Google AdWords account and trimmed some serious fat.

Junk clicks were easily adding up to thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars in wasted spend. Ouch.

To block these searches, we added a boatload of “negative” keywords to prevent the wrong people from clicking on our ads. We then continued to closely monitor and add new negatives everyday to continually clean out the “junk” from our campaigns.

As we trimmed the fat, we also optimized the campaigns by creating greater messaging continuity between the PPC ads and landing pages. This “intent” matching helped us boost conversion rates while also cutting costs.

Signature SEO “Backbone”

Available keyword data from Google Analytics was showing that we were pulling clicks and impressions for a ton of junk queries in the organic search results.

So the title tags, meta data, and page copy needed a refresh to better reflect Velaro’s business, and what prospects would search for to find their product.

To accomplish this, we implemented what we call an SEO “Backbone” which essentially serves as the foundation for future growth in organic search.

Thanks to this “backbone”, we were able to see a healthy upward trend in organic visitors (and conversion rates) over time. (To learn more about the SEO “Backbone” and why it works, download the full case study.)

The website redesign “surprise”

Out of the blue, our client’s CEO told us they were going to redesign their website.

We advised our client about the SEO implications and risks involved in a website redesign. After consideration of those risks, they decided it was important to move forward anyway.

So we pivoted our activities to make sure the website’s SEO value remained intact. Thanks to our hustle, we were able to preserve most of the SEO value that existed on the old site.

So our client got a sweet new website and maintained most of their rankings. Win-Win!

(Read the full case study to learn what we did to make sure our client didn’t lose their rankings after their redesign.)

Conversion rate optimization wins

With the new website live, we needed to quickly find a way to improve our demo lead and pricing inquiry conversion rates.

So we implemented a series of “move the needle” tactics that we knew with 100% confidence would boost conversion rates.

Thanks to these out-of-the-box tactics, form completions on the site increased by 53.85% in the month after the popup launch! (Which tactic was the most successful for us? You might be shocked by the answer… check it out in the full case study.)

“Upper funnel” content offers + niche ads

Not all visitors to your website want to “get married” to your product right way, especially not on the first date.

That’s why “upper funnel” offers can be so powerful. By providing an informational offers like an eBook in exchange for a small amount of info (like an email address) your conversion rates can go through the roof!

So we hooked our client up with some new eBooks that they could promote, then got creative promoting them. We bought placements in targeted niche advertising newsletters to get these content offers directly in front of our target customers.

While the volume wasn’t huge, the conversion rates were… Plus, when we tracked the leads through our clients CRM, we learned these leads were a very high quality and value for the money spent.

The results

So what impact did our multi-channel marketing efforts have on our client’s business? The numbers speak for themselves:

  • A 77% decrease in cost-per-lead (from $130 to just $30)
  • A 35%+ conversion rate increase in live chat engagement

Plus, one bonus benefit…

(Hint: If your CRM isn’t fully-integrated with your Analytics, you could be making this BIG money-wasting mistake in your online marketing campaigns.)


Want to get the full story? Download the case study to get multi-channel marketing tactics & tips you can apply to your own marketing campaigns today.

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