American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS)

ARDMS is a premier credentialing agency for physicians, sonography and ultrasound professionals. Since gaining certifications means better pay, their audience is hungry to pass the credentialing exam with flying colors. Naturally, signing up for a free practice test is a great segway to the paid ARDMS certification. While vouchers for free practice exams were performing well with paid search advertising, we suspected the landing page could be optimized to increase conversions.

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The Results

The conversion rate optimization tactics we implemented improved lead flow immediately. After more than 3,000 visits to the page, our test variation showed a 53% increase in overall conversion rate. As an added benefit, email subscriptions grew by an astounding 268%, blowing the original out of the water. With a few simple – but thoughtful – improvements, we added significant value our client without the overhead of a new page template, layout or other costly production.

Julia Lee “We work with a number of vendors and firms, and WebMechanix definitely offers an expertise in what we do. We look to them as an extension of our staff.” Julia Lee, Director of Marketing and Communications