The Problem

The American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography is one of the premier credentialing agencies for sonography and ultrasound professionals.

ARDMS knows that one of the best ways to increase revenue from exam registrations is to offer free practice tests. That’s because, as a credentialing committee for medical professionals, ARDMS is working with well-educated overachievers. Their audience is hungry to study, learn, and gain the confidence to pass with flying
colors. Naturally, signing up for a free practice exam is a great way segway to the paid ARDMS certification.

While vouchers for free practice exams were performing well with paid search advertising, we suspected the landing page could be optimized to increase conversions. High bounce rates coupled with unusually long average time
spent on the page led us to believe that:

  • Most users were confused by the language and bounced
  • Those who remained spent way too much time trying to determine how
    to proceed

The Results

While the changes didn’t seem dramatic, the results were immediately noticeable.

After more than 3,000 visits to the page, the test variation showed a 52.9% increase in overall conversion rate (3.00% versus 1.96%). For our second test, the rate of users clicking grew by 268.4% on our tested variation, blowing the original out of the water!

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