The Problem

A healthcare credentialing company implemented a credential verification widget on their website to be used by employers, patients, and certified sonographers.

Unfortunately, the website widget wasn’t getting much use. Instead of using the widget, users were directly contacting the company to complete this credential verification process. This was not an ideal user experience for both the users contacting the company and the company itself.

Employees from the credentialing company simply could not keep up with the volume of phone calls and emails they were receiving. So, together we determined that improving engagement with the website widget would create a better experience for everyone.

The Solution

In developing our user experience solution, our team:

  1. Implemented onsite polling to understand the audience’s needs
  2. Leveraged user data to improve widget design and copy

Using this user experience data, we were able to alter the widget so that it would appear more compelling to users and eliminate the need to complete this verification manually via a phone call.

The Results

Engagement skyrocketed and widget submissions increased by over 300% in just 30 days of the update. Following the change, the company featured the widget as a prominent feature in the header of their website.

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